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UNION STANDARD BANK is the subsidiary of one of the strongest banking groups in Europe and worldwide with a capital of 510 million euros. UNION STANDARD BANK pursues a strategy of being present where growth is found, connecting customers to the opportunities it generates, helping businesses grow, economies to thrive and people to realize their ambitions.

Solid folders

We make a solid case for your Credit application.

Secured bank

We have the latest secure systems in the world.

Global Network

Benefit from our large relational network all over the world.

Very short time

An immediate response to all your requests without wasting time.

Credit and Loans Companies

Access a range of long-term and short-term loans designed to meet the specific financing requirements of your business.

Use our Loan and Credit solutions to finance capital investments and business growth, and get working capital to improve your cash flow, or Manage day-to-day expenses more efficiently. Our specialists have a wealth of Custom Experience loan programs to meet the requirements of all types and sizes of organizations.

Minimize the risk of unplanned overdrafts. improve the management of your cash flow by having the ability to easily access funds. Boost working capital to cover short-term or day-to-day expenses by drawing, repaying and redrawing cash as needed within the facility limits.


The UNION STANDARD BANK Professional Offer is known for the Liberal Professions and Individual Entrepreneurs.She puts the professional advisor at the heart of your relationship with UNION STANDARD BANK and meets your requirements of proximity, commitment and efficiency.

At the heart of the relationship, your Professional Consultant
At your service, easily reachable, your advisor understands the specificities of your professional activity. Your Professional Consultant is directly reachable on his business laptop, land line and e-mail address. At your side, professionally and privately. He accompanies you in all your projects and advocates solutions adapted to your needs and objectives.

The Check up Pro to: the assurance of an ongoing relationship.
Your advisor will regularly suggest an interview to help you a complete diagnosis of your situation. He anticipates, with you, the solutions to implement as you evolve.

A loan that adapts to all your cravings

Realize your projects without waiting

Take a trip, plan a move, equip the house: with the Personal loan, you quickly and easily realize the projects that are important to you. You borrow according to your needs up to 25,000 over a period of 1 to 7 years (1).

Keep flexibility in your repayments

You benefit from flexible deadlines: you can vary your monthly payments on the rise as down (2) to adapt your repayments to changes in your budget. For maximum flexibility, you can opt for a total or partial up to 3 months.

Financing example

For a personal loan request of 10,000 to 36 months, at the borrowing rate fixed 3.70%, you repay 36 monthly installments from 293.91 to (excluding insurance optional) for a total cost of the Credit of € 680.76, of which 100 a fixed APR of 4.46%.
Total amount owed by the borrower: € 10,680.76.
The monthly cost of optional insurance (3) (death, total loss and irreversible autonomy) is 4.33 to (for a 36-year-old borrower) and is added to the monthly payment of the Credit. Insurance rate applied: 0.52% on the initial capital. Conditions in force at 01/07/2014 (1) (3).
A Credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your abilities refund before you commit.

(1) Subject to final acceptance of your folder. The borrower has a 14-day withdrawal period from the day of acceptance of the credit agreement (article L.311-12 of the Consumer Code). (2) As provided in the Credit Agreement offer.

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With us,  UNION STANDARD BANK enjoy a unique banking relationship and exclusive services

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FATCA Legislation at Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

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reduction of Internet access fees for more than 160 OPC (1) ACCES Bank.

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